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My favorite teacher

A short passage about the teacher who gave me lot of confidence.

My Favorite Teacher

My favorite teacher is Ms. Sukvinder. She taught me when I was in 4th class in Satluj Public School.

She taught the best that she could so that I would get full marks in my exam. In the second exam, I got 3rd place. But on the third exam, I saw a huge difference. I got second place.

She was with me all the time in the class. She taught me to be confident by teaching me to speak whenever I had trouble.

She even convinced my father to let me go on a school trip without my parents. This was my first trip to go without my parents. We went to Hail Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh. There we did lots of fun activities: commando net, zip line, and trekking. There was a reward for the cleanest tent. Our tent got first place. These things made me improve my confidence.

Now I am a confident boy, all thanks to my teacher.

I thank my teacher for this gift.

This is written by Josh Garrett, the senior of the Garretts.

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